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deteriorate with time. The materials I use are completely inert. The loudspeakers can be used in a shower-room or in a desert. They will be equally happy in the cold of the Canadian north, in the humidity of Hong Kong (where we just had a wonderful review), and in the heat of the Sahara desert. The only moving parts are voice coils, and the spiders are not likely to fatigue within my lifetime. The panel material is a totally inert, very strong material, exactly the same as used in aircraft. The loudspeakers simply will not fail unless abused.

Can They be revisioned in your factory?
Yes, absolutely. And one by one, I am also training our distributors so the customers can have a quicker turn-around, should it be necessary to repair anything.

What cares must be used by customers?
Company policy is to state that the loudspeakers must be kept out of direct sunlight, for many reasons (it will bleach some woods, and darken the cherry wood at the very least, and frankly, I would not leave a Stradivarius or an Amati in the sun either).
Due to their tremendous efficiency, we recommend using moderate amplification at the most (under 250W). One simply does not need much amplification with a pair of loudspeakers that can truly sing with 20W or 30W.
The loudspeakers are very light and easy to move, so a customer is sometimes tempted to move them more quickly and with less attention than if they weighed 250Kg.
Like all fine furniture, it is very easy to keep the loudspeaker clean, which is explained in our new user manual. And if by chance the loudspeaker is drenched with water or the fabric of the loudspeaker is stained with wine or coffee (because a party is a little more fun than expected), it is also absolutely no problem. The cloth can be cleaned, or at the worst, replaced (the loudspeaker will still be fine).

Where does hi-end go?
"High-end" must one day provide an experience which is so totally convincing and overwhelming

in its effectiveness at touching the human heart, soul and mind, that it simply leaves room for no further questions.

What future in this world of Mp3?
There have always been a relatively few exclusive, high-end products among the very large numbers of mass products. For me, the advent of Mp3 is no more of a problem than the simple fact that there are today many people who have never really listened to an acoustic instrument, and whose only experience of performed music is either from recordings over conventional loudspeakers, or amplified voices and instruments, again over conventional loudspeakers. Moreover, much of the music composed today is being written entirely via some form of electronics, which of necessity implies the use of conventional loudspeakers or headphones. It seems to me that we are swimming in a vast sea of readily available music, most of which although possibly entertaining, does not seem to me to be pushing any limits of the musical envelope. Although I enjoy much of the "popular" music, I admit I am more at home with the world of "classical" music. Consequently, rather than being concerned about the limitations of a given technology, I have been frankly more concerned about the appreciation of, and the future of western music composition and of course, performance. Happily, I believe that we might now go through some very exciting times.
I was recently in China where I was deeply moved and impressed with some of the compositions I heard there, and which have not yet crossed over into the west. Compositions in which gifted Chinese composers, skilled in western music, have integrated traditional Chinese instruments and musical styles with traditional western instruments and musical styles, creating something that I believe is truly new and exciting. It is not the only source of music in which traditional musical values and elements of a particular culture are being blended with traditional western music, and historically, it is not the first time this has happened. But every time it did happen, it enriched western music tremendously, and I do believe it may be indicative of the impact the far east is likely to have on western music - frankly, I am excited about it, and really looking forward

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